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Vibzz Maxwell AKA Frankey Maxx is a Jamaican born singer/songwriter living in London.
As a songwriter, Max has an extraordinary talent for creating evocative lyrics that resonate with many of his followers. He has a strong passion for music and his lyrics are both perceptive and emotive, drawing on his heritage and life experiences.
Max has an amazing stage presence and is at his best when on the stage performing for his fans. He has performed at Glastonbury, the MOBO awards, Top of the POPS UK and cd:uk.
In 2019, Max moved away from his former stage name Frankey Max, rebranding to Vibzz Maxwell.
Embracing his passion for music, Max has maintained a steady flow of new music with an eclectic mix of genres; R&B, soul, rap and country.

Max is currently working on a new R&B single which promises to be the best so far.


Jamaican Vibzz

October 2020

Drawing on his roots, Vibzz Maxwell’s release Jamaican Vibzz captures the essence of life in Jamaica. The sceneries, people and cultures in this country, the song looks into life as a Rastafarian and the religious rituals and traditions. Ritual plants are used to enlighten the mind and prayers are said to Haile Selassie to symbolise faith and deep love of God

In Your Eyes

January 2021

Jamaican Vibzz was followed by In Your Eyes, a hip-hop love song.

Vibzz Maxwell wears his heart on his sleeve for this up-close and personal message to someone special. The sincerity behind his performance expresses his love and attempts to show that there is no one else he could devote himself to.

God is Great

November 2021

During the height of COVID-19, Max was inspired to write God is Great, a song of praise.

Released when there were many restrictions at places of worship due to the pandemic, Max reveals some wise words .. when you find yourself with a dollar or a pound don’t throw them for there are people worse off than you – we all should be grateful for what we have. Life is good because God is Great!

Miles Away From Home

November 2022

A departure from Max’s normal style of music, Max went on to write Miles Away from Home, a single that has a country music feel to it and reveals a sincere message.

Miles Away from Home is an uplifting song with strong lyrics that touch on the harsh realities and tragedies of life that resonate throughout the world.

In this challenging world, the song recognises the need to stay strong and be positive and inspires you to find your inner strength to stick it out to the end.

Love Nice

June 2023

Max’s next single, Love Nice, is a poignant reggae love song that pays tribute to the love of his life.

Love Nice is a single about love … there is only one happiness in this life – to love and be loved … When we are loved, everything around us becomes better. With references to King Charles and Camilla, Jack and Rose (the Titanic), the song acknowledges some of the challenges that have been overcome in the name of love.

Get Away with PIH

May 2019

In May 2019 the commercial Get away with Paradise Isle Holidays featuring the lyrics “Pick up your bags you’re on your way” was commissioned by Paradise Isle Holidays as a promotional jingle and features London-based singer/songwriters Vibzzmaxwell aka Frankie Maxx and Tneek. A lot of thought went into this marketing campaign to get the right mix of tunes and vibes, and the advert showcases some of the top destinations on offer at Paradise Isle Holidays.


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